classic brownies

                                                                                             recipe here 

free love



              rikka uppa is the author of this super lovely playhose that you can unzip to pieces and    make a playmatress or a chair,                       were only fifteen triangles and zippers and also 90 press  studs!  One of the best DIY presents i found so far


                                                                                                          after two really busy weeks is time to do laundry...

shipping container

                     Shipping containers are in many ways an ideal building material, I would love to play with maersk ones

passing cloud

                                It’s an unique journey. The feeling of floating in the atmosphere – on top of a cloud – 
                                                                An open schedule that brings me back to You


                                                                      the  perfect Saturday morning breakfast

contemporary moroccan tiles

                            using traditional materials and an old artisanal production process for making moroccan  
                                 cement tiles, swedish design studio claesson koivisto rune has created new contemporary
                                                     tile patterns for company marrakech design 

a visual inventory

                                                             Pawson House, London, England, November 2009

white architectural foam

   The Richard Chai store is a temporary retail installation created by Snarkitecture in collaboration with designer Richard Chai as part of the Building Fashion series at HL23, presented by Boffo.... wish to cut by hand that foam 


                                                                   Almost cut my hair. Happened just the other day
                                                                                         It's gettin' kind of long                                                                                                                                                                     I could've said it was in my way                  

droplet of water


    Ryue Nishizawa,Teshima Art Museum. Photos by Iwan Baan

seduce me


                                                                                       by  riikka sormunen

for my bed

                                                                                   S&B Minimal Syrup, Hay

sesam almond brown rice balls

                                                    rice balls with sesame seeds and green onions, studded them
                                                               with chopped almond slices, recipe  here

hand luggage

                                                                going Barcelona tomorrow, via transethnic japanese

bow tie for civil disobedience

                                                  my favourite bow tie from my favourite designer sruli recht


                                           I like the blog of this New Zealand lady, made my day super sweet


                                                                                     happy easter via fffffound


                                                                                     today is Monday and I need extra help 


                                      This house is located on an island called Elliðaey near Vestmannaeyjar, 
                                      The house was given to singer, Bjork from her motherland as a “Thank You” 
                                      for putting Iceland on the international map.

art for humanity

                         The Favela Painting Project creates striking artworks, collaborating with local people to use art as    
                       a tool to inspire, create beauty, combat prejudice and attract attention.

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