in the sun


Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay is one of the pioneers of electronic music of the last decade. Even though complex electronic manipulations are used, Vladislav Delay music sounds human, like a piece of nature, resulting in a mixture of techno and dub and organic textures. The video is a journey into a spectacular miniature landscape, with crystals forming and transforming into new substances He lives and works in Hailuoto, an island in northern Finland.

good stuff

                                            my favourite coffe maker is called bialetti from my favourite danish blog ungt blod


                                                               totally agree 


                                                                               collection vanessa bruno

forest feast

 sometimes I would like to find a beautiful place; cook slow food there 
                      drink red wine and get lost, maybe this week I have worked to hard or maybe   this work is not motivating me, is one year since I am on that job, I am learning a lot but at the same time I have the feeling that I am doing nothing ... by the way this recipe is from food photographer erin gleeson  who moved to the woods


abbey road

                                                         before history  

                                                      momentos antes 

window farms

                                  33 year old architect Jakob Lange is growing red basil, thai basil and genovese basil at his danish window,                                     the build up of this smart idea just here, easy, lovely and green, I m definetly in love , foto by Mie Brinkmann

more love


dots and freckles


the yellow river

                              pictures from chinese photographer zhang kechun reminds me Miyazaki film Howl's moving castle

                                                                                       to all of my friends 

avocado seed

                                                    when I was studying in Gran Canaria we use to have so many
                                                                 in our place after guacamole´s party


                                                                                          thanks internet


                                 Oktavilla, Stockholm. Alteration, interior, and design identity for a graphic design agency
                                 by swedish architects Jonas Elding and Johan Oscarson.  Love the material !


                             And if a double-decker bus crashes into us. To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die


                                                               I don´t like being around arrogant people

le mepris

                                           The  Villa Malaparte in Le M├ępris, dir. Jean-Luc Godard,
                                           The Villa Malaparte was built between 1938 and 1942 on the island of Capri.
                                           The design is by the owner, poet Curzio Malaparte and architect A. Libera

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