Shoe grease as lip balm

I'm a fan of Tangent GC's simple graphic design and packaging

Shoe grease as lip balm. Stain remover based on soya beans and sunflowers. Fine wash that treats your skin as well as silk, wool or cashmere. Tangent GCsambition in organic product development is out of this world.

Donald Judd

                                                      Donald Judd, always inspired my work

Yago Hortal

                                 In love with this amazing and young spanish artist Yago Hortal

Sifang Art Musem Branding & Wayfinding

Set within the gentle terrain of Laoshan in Nanjing, the architecture of Sifang Art Museum is a well-constructed mix of harsh angularity with an elegant appeal whereby the asymmetrical structure hovers in space. Every view angle yielding a different trapezoidal perspective; the collateral system adopts the trapezoidal form. The Chinese saying – Strength within Gentleness – is inspired by bamboo – the material and form used for landscaping and parts of the structure. This underpins the brand identity, describing the gentle landscape where in old China, scholars and artists took recluse to master their craft or refine their thinking. The demure that also balances the masculinity of the architecture. White, is also a canvas a museum would function as.
Foreign Policy Design Group
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